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My writing for children started with writing stories for my eldest daughter Yani, and then, Rohen and Sarah as well

The latest stories are about a place called Evernor, and it is filled with Mythical Beings, Starchildren, Guilds, the list goes on and on.
There is a Moon Queen called Alea, and her companion, the Master of Wind and Waves, Raylea, who are Soul Sisters.
There are Rangers and Earth Mothers, who live in the Wilderness, a vast endless forest.
There are Fairies, a Unicorn called Celeste, a Gryphon and a Manticore, Pirates and the Matreya.

So, happy reading.

“Oh” and in the Music section, there are some songs that go with the stories.

The song “Mr’s Grumpy” goes with the story, “The Enchanted Cottage”
and “The Pilot” and “Metropolis” go with the story “Airborne Automatica”

I hope you like them,



Biography Music

I am a composer-musician who expanded into Multimedia in 1991
I write Childrens Stories and Poetry
I am an Artist in Acrylics and Paper
I am a owner-builder and wood worker

In 1985 I had a music studio on the North Coast of N.S.W. and an identical studio setup in Teddington Road in Queensland My engineer was Peter Shumack
Teddington Road Studios was managed, fed, loved
and cared for by petes then wife, Lee, who we bless frequently xxx.

There’s a sugar cane plantation outside of Maryborough,and when you stand in the middle of it,
it is a sea of green, and above it endless blue skies.
In a shed in the middle of that cane field, pete and I created the beginnings of “Amadawn”, the ghost ship. (A later album)
From those recordings Pete decided he would build a Studio, including a hand built desk so complicated you needed a map to track record with.

Mostly we were a midi driven studio, and we often built elaborate layers in the overall sound with DX7 keyboard, Ensonic Sampler and SR16 drums. A lot of Ted Roads recordings are “on the fly”, Or “live recordings”, which would be built on later.
He was the master at recording you unawares, working on ideas or warming up, then he’d make collages and play them to me. All in the unforgiving medium of tape, no undo.

We bought 2 MT1X four track field recorders, and an SPX effects rack, we then started to record the Bay, Streams, birds, crickets, engines and trains until our library was full. Petes orchestrating the birds at the end of “Trees” on Wild Spaces is an example of his skills and the library of Teddington Road.

In 1988 and 1990, pete and I produced Wild Spaces and Songs from the Seas for Teddington Road Studios

“Wild Spaces” is a collection of pieces over a five year period recorded at Teddington Road,
Songs from the Seas came about because Lee decided she would save the whales in Hervey Bay.
After attending several meetings on the whales safety and care being facilitated by NPWS, she booked tickets on a whale watching boat with her best friend Tuk.

The captain stopped the engines about three kilometres out in the bay and drifted. (no running motors are allowed around whales on the surface).
One,  a young female, 20 meters long, swam slowly up to the boat and ran her flipper along the railing as she swam the length of the boat. Her very large eye looked at each of us lined up along the hand rail, and then pirouetted down into the blue depths.
Her eye was a deep pool of wisdom. She had a need, I felt it.

Please save the Whales, especially the Minkies